Life of an architect dating an architect singapore online dating forums

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The reason why medicine and law have become so ubiquitous and therefore high-paying is because of the modern society necessitates their presence. Many of my fellow architectural friends keep telling me it was the smartest thing I did.

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Craig Taylor - June 3, Put your boots on and demonstrate the warrior within in making adjustments to the broad and strong flowing changes in our society.

I’m going to try this - theory is my weak spot, so anything that helps me there is most welcome.

Another tip for reading difficult material (this comes from Dianetics, but it works): Keep a dictionary (or a browser window) with you while reading.

I guess I should have been an architect since the points hit so close to home.

Try it from a desktop computer with Flash or visit our Learn English apps page with lots of fun and educational apps to help you learn English. That is what they become after when they are no longer allowed to sleep at the office.

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