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As a young soldier, Martin encountered a beggar in Amiens. Martin removed his cloak and with his sword, he cut it in half.

He gave this half to the beggar and dressed himself in the remnant.

His proclamation occurred before a battle near the modern German city of Worms.

His superiors accused him of cowardice and ordered that he be imprisoned.

His father was a tribune, which is a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Horse Guard.

Martin and his family went with his father when he was assigned to a post at Ticinum, in Northern Italy. Just before Martin was born, Christianity was legalized in the Roman Empire and the bloody persecution of Christians soon came to an end.

By the time he was 18, Martin is believed to have served in Gaul, and also eventually Milan and Treves.

Scholars think he served as part of the emperor's guard.

The vision spoke to him, "Martin, a mere catechumen has clothed me." A catechumen is one who is being instructed in the Christian faith.

In the early centuries of Christianity, that was a long process of instruction - and Martin was deeply dedicated to it.

About the age of 20, Martin made clear to his superiors that he would no longer fight, following his formed Christian conscience.

The Regiment also regularly competes in winter sports, notably Nordic and downhill skiing, as well as snowboarding and biathlon.

The Queen’s Royal Hussars produce a number of contenders for Army sport every year and frequently send teams on tours as far afield as the United States.

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