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We’ve been working hard to update your app to bring you the best dating experience possible.Each version of the Elite Singles app includes improvements and brand new features – update now and meet your match today! Once you’ve been on the site for a while it seems they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. And now 90% or people without pictures it didn’t complete profiles. He is the author of a new book, The Lonely Hearts Club (his first work of fiction at the age of 88), which is closely based on his decades of clinical experience and research into what really goes on inside relationships. So many of my female friends of a certain age are searching for love, on the internet or elsewhere, and coming up with precisely zero. It has led me to conclude that though ever more of us are looking for true love in our later years — in fact, dating sites aimed at the over-50s are the fastest growing among all age groups — the fact is very few of us will ever find it.

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Perhaps one of the most incisive points Dr Friedman makes is the fact that older men are often totally incapable of opening up to new women.

He wants to explore why, despite the fact that more of us than ever before are finding ourselves single later in life, we are incapable of pairing up with each other.

Friedman’s male characters are discontented and disorientated, wondering where they have gone wrong, and whether they can put things right.

So even if older men are looking, it’s not with the same urgency.’He knows such views might sound rather old-fashioned, but is unrepentant.

‘All children secretly have a wish for their mother to be in the home, to have the sort of security an old-fashioned housewife used to provide,’ he says.

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