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'When we moved in, we spent £20,000 on installing water and electricity and so on, and having the garden landscaped.

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Many Greek Cypriots believe the thousands of British who bought here when the boom began in 2003 were aware the land belonged to Greek Cypriots, but turned a blind eye to get a bargain, pointing out that property prices in the south of Cyprus are four times higher.British couple David and Linda Orams bought the site seven years ago, investing £170,000 in the property that was intended to enable them to live in peaceful retirement in the sun.But two years later, in 2004, a man turned up on their doorstep and politely explained that the land belonged to him.They insist not, saying that they were, at best, uninformed, at worst misled, although Northern Cyprus's reputation for being 'dodgy' was certainly no secret.The Britons who may be at risk are those who bought on so-called exchanged land - Greek Cypriot land given to Turkish Cypriots in exchange for land they had lost in the south.

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