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Alaska is an "opt-in" community property state, in which spouses may agree to be jointly responsible for all debts.Once the parties are separated, debt incurred on credit cards is the responsibility of the spouse who made the purchases charged on the card.According to a new Credit survey, attitudes regarding debt loom large over any relationship, and that's especially true for women.With Valentine's Day approaching, the scientific survey of 1,005 adults found most Americans consider heavy debt a major turnoff in a relationship.By either paying off the joint cards together or dividing up the debt on joint cards and transferring it to cards in each partner's name, the goal is to remove your liability for your partner's debts.It's also important to inventory your wallet and make sure all joint credit cards are canceled during the divorce process."Cancel all the cards you're aware of and put them in your own name," she says."That way, you protect yourself from having more debt run up.

States with community laws are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Ellen Craine, a lawyer and social worker who runs Craine Mediation in Farmington Hills, Mich., recommends that you work with your spouse to set a date after which agreed-upon portions of joint debt are to be transferred onto new cards in each person's name and joint cards canceled.

Other options for paying off jointly incurred debt include using joint savings or tapping a home equity line of credit in a jointly owned house.

"If the cards are in both names and the divorce decree directs one person to pay them, that person is responsible for the debt in the eyes of the divorce court," attorney Sember says.

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